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Auto steering for tractors

The SunNav AG500 is a tractor automatic steering system,adopting high precision GNSS technology, IMU sensor and other advanced technologies,achieve precise control and navigation of the tractor. The AG500 has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, precision, safety, and affordability. It can greatly improve the efficiency and quality of agricultural machinery operations, reduce labor costs, and bring farmers more convenient, efficient, and intelligent agricultural machinery operation experience. It can be widely used for sowing, cultivating, trenching, ridging, spraying pesticide, transplanting, land consolidation, harvesting and other work scenarios.


6 product advantages

10.1’’ touch screen control tablet, easy to operate

High precision GNSS receiver, ± 2.5cm driving accuracy, improve accuracy.

Support Ntrip CORS and RTK base station to get signal

Motor steering, Easy to Install, without modification of the hydraulic system, fast installation in 30minutes,Calibration in 15 minutes

GNSS receiver all in one design Built-in GNSS board, IMU sensor, radio, antenna. Small and light Integrated design, waterproof IP67

Hands free, work day and night, reduce fatigue Operations, keep your tractor on the right path, Improve Efficiency.

Breakpoint continue: when your signal is bad or without signal, the system can continue to work.

Terrain Compensation on land with slope, reduced overlap area, amount of Fertilizer.

Superior Performance with affordable Price, cost-effective, optimize your Return on Investment.

Support route import from other brands

Support single status, guidance accuracy 30CM

U-turn: enables the tractor to turn around automatically at the end of each row and proceed to the next one.

Compatible with more than 95% of brand tractors, harvesters, rice trans planters, seeders, and other agricultural Implements

A+: only need to set point A, and the work line can be generated in situ. Avoid compacting the ground, crushing crops, save time and cost, work more efficiently

Automatic close the sections which are in an already fertilized area, avoid fertilization overlapping, avoid wasting or damaging to the crop.

Support 20KM/H high speed working

Abnormal signal automatic parking

NMEA data tranfer

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System Composition

High Quality



The SunNav  display is a portable,robust Android tablet. It is provided with a built-in high-precision GNSS board which offers centimeter level accuracy.It also provides RS-232/485, USB 2.0, GPIO, CAN, CVBS signal interface to connect with other equipments, and supports WI-FI, 3G / 4G LTE wireless communication.


Motor wheel

It is an electric motor steering wheel. It is designed for easy-to-install operation. With high-torque, direct-drive electric motor, EMS4 can give an accuracy 2.5cm RTK.


GNSS Receiver

GNSS receiver all in one design
Built-in GNSS board, IMU sensor, radio, antenna.
Small and light Integrated design, waterproof IP67



Support reversing image

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Applicable to more than 95% tractors




Rice transplanter

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