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Laser Land Leveling System

AG808+ series products are auto land leveling control system developed by our company for land leveling application which is based on laser and electric hydraulic control. The system is high accuracy, high precision of EHC, stableperformance, easy operation, dust and water proof, shockproof and durable, It is used for high precision land leveling, the accuracy is +/-2cm, it helps for water-saving irrigation, uniformly fertilization and output increasing.


Why do you have to use laser Land Leveling machine


Increase Production

Expand The Plantable Area

Save Energy

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System Composition

High Quality



Single laser-base system, the setting up and operation is very simple.The controller is designed for vehicle-mounted, easy to install or uninstall.The tracking working trajectory, auto area calculating and remote controlling


Laser Receiver

Optional 3 or 4 feet electric mast capability High light LED, clearly visible Rugged design, 100% waterproof


Laser Transmitter

Highly visible laser beam Automatic self-leveling Horizontal leveling and Sloping leveling Automatic compensation for vertical and horizontal Intuitive one -touch operator controls Temperature calibrated, high accuracy for consistent performance across

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behind the scenes

Why Level the Land?

Leveling the land saves water, reduces energy consumption, and efficiently grows

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