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Guidance system for tractors

SunNav guidance system AG100Pro consists of professional GNSS smart antenna, large display and LS guidance software. It would be the ultimate guidance solution for today’s precision farmer. Soft-ware has farmer-friendly GUI and large iconic buttons for each function. It features navigation access within 3-click ideal for minimal training and guidance experience. AG100Pro is robust, accurate and affordable enabling you to easily perform various farming tasks, extend your operating hours and enhance the productivity of your farm.


6 product advantages

Improve Efficiency

Reduce the Waste

Reliable GNSS

Easy to Install and Move

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System Composition

High Quality



The SunNav  display is a portable,robust Android tablet. It is provided with a built-in high-precision GNSS board which offers centimeter level accuracy.It also provides RS-232/485, USB 2.0, GPIO, CAN, CVBS signal interface to connect with other equipments, and supports WI-FI, 3G / 4G LTE wireless communication.


GNSS Antenna

GNSS antenna can give high precision and heading..

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Applicable to more than 95% tractors




Rice transplanter

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